Another Amazin’ Mess

In Doug’s Dugout today we discuss: The Status Quo, Changes, and other mindless random thoughts.
The best part of going on vacation is returning to the comforting surroundings of home.  At least, that’s what I tell my kids.  If you don’t like sleeping in your own bed then buy a new mattress.  Came back from two weeks in Maine (a plug for Acadia National Park) and was sad to learn the Mets are in the same spot I left them in.
That would be dead. 
What happened to Jerry Manuel’s proclamation of an impending run?  Oh, that’s right the Marlins were on the sked, and if their lives were on the line, the Mets could not cop a series from the Fish.  They shrivel right up.
Or the Braves for that matter.  Last night was a typical game at Turner Field.  The two teams exchange jabs and then the home team administers the knockout blow.  Doesn’t matter who is punching; Chipper or Andruw, Glavine, Smoltz, or Hudson.  Prado or McCann.  Even Jeff Francoeur hit against the Mets (and if you are caught throwing an object at a player you should be locked in a tight room with him for ten minutes).
Anyway, since I am refreshed and have had time to step away from the mess, this is what they have to do to get better:  By hook or crook acquire a player, two, or three who make consistent contact.  The whiffs have killed this club, and the reason they have averaged only three runs scored a game for the last half of the season. 
For example, in the first game of the series, David Wright, Ike Davis, and Angel Pagan (twice looking) fanned for a total of Eight Times.  Ouch.  Sometimes contact is all you need.  Ask Josh Thole who was stranded after his triple Monday with nary an out.  Add Jason Bay and Francoeur and that’s a lot of circulating air (now Thole is the type of contact hitter I’m referring to). 
If the Mets were a natural disaster they’d be a Hurricane. 
Speaking of changes, for god sake’s get Carlos Beltran out of centerfield.  Watching him the past six weeks running on egg-shells is disconcerting for the fans.  And, who isn’t surprised that his contributions have been nil since his return?  Oh, I forgot, spring training stats don’t count.
Great point by Ron Darling,” maybe they (front office) are afraid to approach him about moving to the corner outfield.”  What would you expect from management; a modicum of leadership and to be pro-active?  Now you are the one being delusional.  By the way, to hear a reporter ask a question to Manuel about Ollie Perez is affront on our baseball sensibilities. 
Bobby Ojeda was right, you don’t get better by not pitching for 28 days. 
Moreover, when I left Luis Castillo was on the bench to make room for the kid.  Then I return and Castillo is on the field so the kid can catch his breath.  Which one is it?  Chris Carter batting cleanup?  That’s all folks.
Finally, when you break it down there are only a few compelling storylines for the Mets this season; R.A. Dickey and Pagan, maybe Takahashi.  Big Pelf for the first half and Davis with some mammoth blasts.  Otherwise its been all negative; K-Rod, Beltran, firings, Jose Reyes‘ knocks, and Bay’s futility. 
Perez, Maine, and pray for rain. 
Breaking News:  The Mets entire team just cleared waivers in the International League and Barajas has homered again for LA.