Morning Grind: White Flag, MLBPA/Mets, F-Mart, The Return Of Pedro


The Mets have clearly given up on the season. The Braves’ getting Derrek Lee just strengthens their position. It’s a rental for a 34-year-old, Type B free agent with back issues but it shows that our rivals want to win more than we do. Amazingly, they keep lying to us every post game. Say the words, Flushing. NO MAS! Tap out! At least, then we can start  the process of refacing. By standing in indifference, you give false hope to the Met Nation that you’re still fighting without making any deals. Our prospects are not that good. Let’s get real. To the fans that still believe there is a chance at a Mets postseason (all three of you): Would you have taken Derrek (we know the team wouldn’t take Cliff) Lee on as a rental? Looks like the Mets have given up on the season. Why haven’t you?


This whole debacle makes the Mets look bad again. Although K-Rod was foolish for his actions, the Mets are trying to avoid what was clearly a bad contract for a less than mega-closer. They overpaid again and now they want to get around owning up to the mistake. I’d like Castillo & Perez off the books, too, but this is negative press the Mets really don’t need. Can you say ‘laughingstock’? So is this a valid stance by the Mets or is this just an excuse to avoid having to pay K-Rod? What’s your take?


Rod Barajas up. F-Mart back down. Another example of the Mets putting themselves over a barrel and then unable to escape the snare of their own creation. You can’t leave “Hot Rod” in AAA for the rest of the season because they would lose face (again) and, hypothetically, Hot Rod might go on another hit streak. Not that it will move us past the Phillies in the Wild Card. F-Mart’s demotion is a deathblow to his chances to be traded for value or for his chance to show the team what he’s got for an extended period (if anything). I guess there’s no bullpen options that could’ve been sent down instead, right?


No, not that Pedro. Lefty reliever Pedro Feliciano and the Mets have agreed to wait until after the season to hold contract talks, reports Adam Rubin from  Feliciano will be eligible for free agency for the first time. Feliciano, 34 in a few days, has been worked hard in his Mets career.  This year he’s got a 3.05 ERA, 8.5 K/9, and 4.9 BB/9 with only one home run allowed in 44.3 innings.  For the third straight year, he’s leading MLB in appearances. He pitches great to lefties but righties? Not so much. He allows a lot of  HRs and offers up way too many walks. Should the Mets be showing Pedro a multi-year deal, arbitration, or just the front door?

Met Nation, the power’s in your hands. Have a great day!