Morning Grind: Frenchy, Crawford/Mets, Reyes

Good morning, Met Nation.

2010 or  Bust?

The debate over trading certain players have risen to a fever pitch. This provokes a thought for the day: Do you want to ride the season out and hope for 2011 that things will change significantly enough for a world title run? Or do you want to fight for the rest of the year for the NL East with what we have or what can be gained through waivers? I don’t get clear thoughts from most of the fans that I hear from. There are even a growing percentage of you who believe this team can never win a title under the current “management structure”.  What’s the prognosis for 2011 then? The FA pickings appear slim as the most appealing names on the free agency list (pitching) are: Bronson Arroyo, Kevin Correia, Brandon Webb, and Cliff Lee. For position players: Albert Pujols, Carl Crawford, Jorge Cantu, and Jose Reyes?

Jose Reyes

Yep, almost forgot, didn’t you? His four year deal is almost up and he will be a free agent unless he gets locked up sometime this season. Is he a keeper in the Big Apple or is he going to try his hand in a different city? He has a nice house out here and seems to be a staple with the team so a deal may be possible. Is he the future at SS and if so, what kind of deal should the Mets offer based on his body of work? DW’s contract is up in ’12 so they will have to invest more money there as well. What are your thoughts on Reyes? Keeper or goner? Do you feel he is worth a new multi-year deal or a contract that even allows him to play in Flushing for his entire career?

Frenchy wants out?

Jeff Francoeur has told the club through his representatives that he is interested in being traded to a team that would play him more,” writes Andy McCullough of the Star Ledger. Frenchy is good but does he have what it takes to entice the Mets to keep him beyond this season? Probably not. Trading him is a smart idea if something worthwhile can be gained. He’s batting  just .191 with a .241 OBP and nine RBI and apparently doesn’t have interest in showing discipline at the plate. So despite his huge arm and overall talent, what’s he worth?

Crawford and Washington

It appears that Washington has openly expressed interest in the young Rays CF, who is 29 and will be a free agent this offseason. To be clear, a lot of teams will show interest when the time comes but the NL East is getting stronger, the Mets must respond in kind and even take the lead. The Nats have a solid LF in Willingham so moves at CF and RF are more likely, places C.C. has rarely manned with regularity. Do the Mets owe it to themselves and the fans to consider this guy in the outfield and if so, where? Bay is locked in at LF, isn’t he?

Met Nation, speak on this! Have a great and productive day. No matter what the team does, you’re the best!