Morning Grind: 2011, Money Matters, Four More Years, The Core

Good Morning, Met Nation.

I ‘gotta believe’ there are quite a few teams out there in more dire straits than Flushing is. This is more egregious, however. The bigger the house, the more grander the fire when it burns.

No miracles this year, folks. The team’s in a drought without a doubt. 7 gms back with 17 gms left. It’s not all about the Benjamins. 139M is more than enough to buy a championship team if that was the goal. Much harder since the money changers are blithering idiots with no idea how to run the franchise unless they’re running it into the ground.

Let’s separate the truth from the myths.

Money Matters

The Mets spend money. They’re top three in payroll. They fulfilled the requirements of a large market team. They just spend foolishly and almost every investment was a flop and a disaster. Anybody think spending in the mold of the Evil Empire is a more suitable answer?

Am I the only one wondering if the Wilpons are trying to commit arson on this franchise for the insurance money? To be close in the wild card race and do nothing is an abomination to a team that has floundered for three years—a lifetime in MLB. With the real estate market what it is, they should be giving the Mets extra attention. Too many bad things happening in the same proximity. I don’t believe the team is cursed in the general sense, just cursed with the worst curse of all: the inability to learn from its mistakes.

Reyes aggravated his injured oblique. Day-to-day. Jason Bay, the FA ‘savior’ on the DL with a concussion and doesn’t know if he will even get back this season. Essentially, 10M investment with no return in ’10.

Four More Years?

If we could veto deals and get rid of personnel, no matter how loud the proclamations are that come from Flushing, Jerry, Omar, much of the coaching staff, and, at least, one favorite son would not have a job. The Mets are in a perpetual loop: a FA pickup leaving us with questions and the spark plug of the team (and the core for that matter) not providing anything of value. And, of course, still needing rotation help and depth and a power bat or two.

This is not a problem solved with money. They don’t know how to win on the field and apparently no one upstairs knows either. No strategy. No drive. No winning attitude. No shot at the playoffs. Again.

They watched their opponents get stronger and their passivity is and will be the death of their season. The players know it and it’s really hard to blame them for not playing with urgency at times. The team knows that the ‘team’ has mailed it in. K-Rod and Beltran were the only two that called the ownership on it publicly and the team wants them out. I’m sure it’s pure coincidence. Four more years? Time for a do over. Control. Alt. Delete.

The Core’s Rotten

I’m sorry, guys. But every day gives more evidence. Pick a key player in the league amidst organizational problems within but still play hard and they do it consistently. Why can’t this core do that? Mental and physical breakdowns. No vocal leadership. Non-existent offense. Blow up the team. Bring in guys not shell-shocked by the last four years. This core is spoiled rotten and they will not be what we all want them to be. Bubble buster: It’s really an end of an era. And that’s a good thing. 

Let’s stop worrying about where to find a quality shortstop or power bats in the lineup. Core does not equal results. Can you name a franchise committed to winning that waited this long for their core to come together? They may be out there but I honestly can’t think of one team in the entire league.

Talk to me, Met Nation. Have a fantastic, prosperous day. You might as well.