Mets Actions Must Fit The Crime

The New York Mets today announced they are taking the following disciplinary action against pitcher Francisco Rodriguez:

The team has placed Rodriguez on the restricted list for two days. He will be removed from the roster, will not be with the team, and will not be paid during that time.

“Ownership and the organization are very disappointed in Francisco’s inappropriate behavior and we take this matter very seriously,” said Mets COO Jeff Wilpon.


This is where the New York Mets are today.  They have been protecting this person because he can pitch.  Did they realize that he had ‘orders of protection’ out for him in Venezuela and California due to other incidents of irrational behavior?  There have been several incidents of his rage during his short time with the Mets.

Now he is in real trouble – he accosted his common law wife’s father in full view of the Mets families who were in the ‘family room’.   Police and medics were called and he was caught trying to escape in his new white Lamborghini. His court date is September 14th.

The papers this morning will tell you all you need to know about this man and his actions.  It is obvious that he should never return to the Mets again.  Never mind contracts or other issues, he pulled this stunt in front of the Mets families and their children in what is supposed to be a safe place.

This matter is serious, and goes beyond baseball. 

The Wilpons’ need to do more than just make a statement – they need to remove Francisco Rodriguez from their team. 

And, they need to do it now.