K-Rod’s Punch Out, Frenchy Fried, and Why J-Man is the Man!

My, my but the New York Post is full of fun Mets stories on this night when the Amazins fell to the Rox 6-2.

First up, breaking news: K-Rod beats up father-in-law, sending him to hospital. I couldn’t stand that jerk either. Betcha he’ll think twice about mouthin’ off to Frankie. WTF?

Well, it does prove one thing: the Mets are not exactly punchless.

In other exciting developments, Frenchy has reiterated his desire—through his lady agent—that he would like to be traded to a team where he will play every day. Um, yeah, I think I agree with him. Maybe he can take Wright and Beltran off to La-La Land where the hitless, strikeout kings reign supreme. Francoeur, you’re beginning to make me think our own Martin really is on to something where evaluating your talent is concerned.

Lastly, this evening, in an effort to keep my thoughts short and… well, yeah.  Just wanted to let everyone know that I really am beginning to second-guess myself about the J-Man. After all, he really is doing kind of a great job. I mean, he’s not out there fielding, batting, and throwing to the catcher, right?

For instance, tonight he made a brilliant move with two runners on and two out. Takahashi, the new bridge-man was struggling, so Jerry, see, he thinks: “Well, I just need one out here, and then just three to go in the ninth, and we’ve got this game. Now, while I could call on the very unhittable closer (in his latest incarnation), Rodriguez, to get us the final four outs, I don’t dare bring him in until the ninth because the law says closers can only be used to get three outs in the ninth (excepting of course if I decide to use him in some perfectly meaningless situation).” No, the best move is to bring in Acosta. He’s been lights out in these situations, right?

So, folks, you see, I saw the light. Jerry really knows exactly what he’s doing. He consults with Dan Warthless, and they figure out the best matchups; I’m telling you these guys know what they’re doing, and they know how to give us the best chance to win. Just can’t believe I didn’t see it earlier from late 2008 on. I’m learning, slowly, but I’m learning. Anyway, who ever could have imagined that Mora could hit a granny with a reliever so skilled, so tactful, and so lights out as one Manny Acosta?

Just be patient fans. Jerry’s in charge. Rumor has it that w/ K-Rod on his way to Riker’s, Acosta will be the new closer.