The Mets At Mid-Season – Notes And Observations

It’s a Mets off day and I woke up to nothing but LeBron News.  Somehow I just don’t get it – a talented kid from Ohio has called a news conference to announce where he will play basketball next year – who cares?  Not me.
This is what I care about this morning. 
The Mets playing so well together this year. 
The camaraderie you can see and hear during the games. 
Each player really trying to do his best for the team.  A sense of maturity prevails.  This Mets team is made up of professionals who are doing their jobs. 
Let’s talk about a couple of them.
First of all, David Wright.  David has evolved into a real team leader.  Watch him on the field – he’s checking everyone, every play, every at bat, and of course, every move of his pitcher.  It’s a real joy for those of us who have watched his progress from the start to see this fine athlete reach some goals and play so well. He’s on the All Star team next week as a starter as he should be.
Then there is Johan Santana – who had a bit of a rocky start this year.  On Tuesday he presented us with the best he has to offer – a complete game win – helped out by his first Major League home run.  He’s always had a real presence on the mound and so he did on Tuesday – right up until the end, when his manager came toward the mound and Johan dismissed his manager and completed the game.  You can get away with that when you’re good, and Johan is very good now.
Jose Reyes is also on the All Star team, and I’m sure he will make the best of his role there.  He truly loves the game, it’s been his whole life and it shows.   I just know he will do something special on Tuesday night.
As for the rest of the team, they are giving their all, too.  And several need to be mentioned here.
Pitchers: R.A. Dickey, Jon Niese, Mike Pelfrey,
Catchers: Rod Barajas and Henry Blanco
Infielders: Alex Cora, Ike Davis and Ruben Tejada
Outfielders:  Jason Bay, Jesus Feliciano, Jeff Francoeur and Angel Pagan
Every one of these men are doing their job and doing it well – if you’ve been paying attention, you know that. They always go the extra mile for the team.
A word about the manager.  Jerry Manuel is a different kind of manager – he tends to be quiet and soft spoken.  He really cares about his players, and he is always there for them.  It hasn’t been an easy road for him, but he never wavers.  Thanks Jerry.
I’ve followed the Mets since their inception.  There have been several times when teams stood out.  The last time was 1986 World Series when they won it all.  This year looks promising – so very promising.
Let’s Go Mets.