Tejada Optioned To Buffalo In Castillo’s Return

Ruben Tejada had a closed door meeting today with the Mets, and apparently he couldn’t convince them to let him stay in the majors. He was optioned back to AAA-Buffalo as Luis Castillo has finished his rehab and has returned to the Mets.

Tejada was optioned because the Mets want him to play everyday and he wouldn’t have had much playing time now with Castillo back.

Jose Reyes has also returned and will be in Monday’s lineup. He will be batting lefty, so hopefully this means he’s back for good.

Also, Oliver Perez will make his way to Arizona tomorrow. He hasn’t been activated yet, so he is still technically on the DL. He will throw for the Mets and will be evaluated. If he is ready, then he will be activated. If not, he may have to go back for more rehab. If he is activated, he will be in the bullpen as a lefty-vs-lefty specialist.

In regards to the Blanco-KRod-Cuzzi fiasco that occurred in the late innings of the Mets win over the Giants on Sunday, MLB will review the case as standard procedure, but they are not likely to deal out any punishment.