An Offensive Offense for the Mets?

Where do we begin? I think most anyone you find that bears the Orange and Blue is more concerned with where it ends. Hopefully, with a championship in the 2010 Fall Classic. At this stage of the season, just a short time into the season’s 2nd half, no one will be considering our Amazins as favorites. After several weeks of talks that the division title is ours for the taking, now the talk has reverted to whether we can battle for a Wild Card. Some fans might be satisfied with a Wild Card with the understanding that, at least, the team would be in the playoffs. I see that as a runner-up to the worst case scenario.

The Mets are about two games back in the wild card race behind the Giants, Cards, Rockies, Dodgers, and Phils. I find that very uncomfortable. This team needs to fight for and win the division. There’s nothing that I see from the Braves that says they are unstoppable and such a force that they can be toppled. Their propensity for timely hitting is a definite advantage and would be in a playoff situation, too. That seems to be the status quo for many of the teams ahead of the Mets in the race or the division leading Reds and Padres as well. This is an area that our team falls short. The road woes (18-27) have reared their heads again and have dropped the Mets back to third place in the East under Philadelphia at 5 games back. What’s the solution?

We’ve already heard the “Fire Jerry” chants online and truthfully, will that really help what this team is lacking? New management might help in many areas but Jerry doesn’t hit with RISP. Jerry don’t catch. Jerry can’t pitch. And it’s clear that Jerry can’t throw men out. Neither can Bobby V but…..the team will probably play more inspired baseball under that guy. Chime in on that as you see fit.

This team’s pitching looks decent to me. Another starter (or two) is wise if a long playoff and World Series run is this team’s goal. With the recent losses, fans may want to reach deeper out of desperation for an Oswalt, Carmona, etc. but recent reports from the organization suggest that they are happy with their pitching core and are not inclined to make big changes…at the moment. At what point, will that be necessary? I thought it already was. I am starting to get flashbacks of Omar sitting on his hands again. Downs? Dotel? Nolasco? Gregg? Myers? Arms. Anybody?

But what is happening with the offense? We’d find Waldo or Carmen San Diego quicker than where the bats went to lately. Saturday, the team managed to score 4 runs in an 8-4 loss but the first two games were a total of three runs to zero. These kind of spells on the road can’t continue. I wonder if we need to be looking at new bats in this lineup along with starting pitching. It never was a real consideration until now. Batting Josh Thole in the 2 spot instead of the ineffective Tejada and trying Blanco in spots rather than the flamed out Hot Rod might be a start if they’re staying in house.

So can we get pitching that will take us to a title? Is it even available? Can we get the hitters as currently constituted to start hitting away from Citi Field or do we need to look to outside options? Is a managerial move key to a World Championship? Does anyone out there think the offense is just fine the way it is? Met fans, I know you got plenty to say. We got a long way to go and a short time to get there. The floor is yours. LGM!