Oh, Give Me A Home

Citi Field, aged two, already has a past.

Last year when we first saw the place, there were a lot of Brooklyn memorabilia and exhibits there. We knew that the Dodgers had moved to LA in the long ago fifties, so many of the visitors thought that something was wrong.

And it was.

Fred Wilpon, the owner of the Mets, was having flashbacks about his days as a Brooklyn fan, watching his old schoolmate Sandy Koufax pitch better than any other human being of his time.

 Yes, Fred was still living in the past.

At the end of the 2009 season, the Mets team seemed hapless and unhinged – who knows what role Citi Field played in their malaise? Anyway they finished way back in the pack.

Many changes took place in the off season and by opening day of 2010, this spring, Citi Field took on a new persona. Fred had moved the place into the present. Mets stuff was everywhere, fences had been altered, and the stop, shop and eat areas were drawing a lot of customers.

The team found that they could play there – in fact they played very well after a couple of shaky starts. They just needed a couple of new guys to fill out the roster and Jose to come off the DL.

It was the new guys that made the difference – they had no history with Citi Field – and their work on the field was fine. Bases got stolen, homers got belted and there were some dandy catches in the outfield and double plays in the infield.

As for the pitchers, there are a couple who are really having a banner year, a couple who have come and gone, a decent bullpen, and some really good and helpful catchers to work with them.

Manager Jerry Manuel – who never lost his sparkling personality or his interesting conversation – is doing fine in the home where the Mets roam these days.

He’s earned a winning season.

Let’s Go Mets – all the way this year