**NEW** NY Mets Chemistry Set (Available At A Mets Dugout Near You!)

That’s right Mets fans, stop by the nearest Mets dugout and see the Mets Chemistry Set in action.  The “All New” New York Mets Chemistry Set is perfect for any Die Hard NY Mets, and it makes an excellent birthday or Christmas present for your children.

Now let me tell you a little about this amazing new product we have for you today.  It is called the “NY Mets Chemistry Set” (catchy, I know) and let me tell you folks that this Chemistry Set is one of a kind.  The set comes with 26 pieces (25 components and 1 instruction “Manuel”) which will allow you to perform all your favorite experiments that all produce winning results.  It is truly one of the most amazing “Chemistry” sets out there, and let me tell you, it will produce hours upon hours of nail biting suspense, gut wrenching twists and turns, and finally conclude with jovial celebrations.

Allow me to talk a little about the components that come with the “NY Mets Chemistry Set”.  Each of these 25 pieces are unique and have been collected from some of the best sets out there to make the NY Mets Chemistry Set the best of them all.  Some of the pieces are even from our own Farm-aceutical Laboratories.

Just a few of the 25 components of the 2010 NY Mets Chemistry Set…

From the 2009 Chemistry Set:

  • 1x Jose Bunsen Burner – Ignites and provides the heat and spark that fuels the Chemistry Set.
  • 1x 5 mL of the Wright Catalyst – The Wright Catalyst speeds up those reactions to get better and quicker results.
  • 1x Graduated Johan Cylinder – Precise and Accurate, providing consistent results time after time.
  • 1x Pelfrey Petri Dish– Suitable for mixing and delivering solutions in a consistent and successful manner.

New for the 2010 Set:

  • 1x Stirring Rod Barajas– The stirring Rod Barajas is a “Big Stick” that can mix things up at the plate or behind the plate.
  • 1x Gold-Ike Glove – Able to withstand any type of heat thrown its way, or the ability to snag any hotshots hit its way.

The beauty about the 2010 NY Mets Chemistry Set is the Instruction Manuel which will guide you through all of the Amazing experiments that can be performed by mixing and matching the components.  For example, one experiment uses the Jose Bunsen Burner 3rd as opposed to using it 1st.  In this experiment we learn that using the same pieces in different spots does not necessarily produce favorable results.  Another experiment shows us how the Wright Catalyst takes a while to heat up, but when it reaches it’s critical temperature, oh boy does it produce amazing results.

So I encourage all you fans out there to go out and see the NY Mets Chemistry Set performed live for you at your local NY Mets Dugout.  Once you fall in love with the NY Mets Chemistry Set, you can pick one up for yourselves at the reduced sale price of $136,022,942.00 (Cash Only).

(Coming Soon…  2010 NY Mets Trade Deadline Expansion Set including at least one “Dynamic” Starter!)

***Components No Longer Included in the 2010 Chemistry Set***:

Acidic Delgado Solution – Recently done away with do to ineffectiveness and difficulty working with the other components

Oliver Mop Up Cloth– Originally it was thought that the Oliver Mop Up Cloth would be very useful, however it has proved to be useless and will no longer be included in all future sets. *Note* some 2010 Chemistry sets will come with the Oliver Mop Up Cloth included in it, if your set has this item, please immediately remove and dispose of the cloth in the trash.  Our apologies, we were unable to adequately review the Oliver Mop Up Cloth before the release of the 2010 NY Mets Chemistry Set.