Mikey J’s Trip to Miller Park

Let me start out by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the game in Milwaukee on Sunday, in which the Mets salvaged a game and avoided a sweep to a team that previously had a horrible home record.  We recently moved to Madison and a friend with Brewers season tickets invited my wife, 2-year old son and I to the game.  In addition to the outcome being awesome, there were several other observations I had.

First, I saw three other people in the stadium with Mets gear on–THREE.  Being a holiday weekend, I would have thought more folks would venture to the Midwest to see the Mets, but maybe I’m naive about that.

Secondly, that stadium is gorgeous, clean and everyone who worked there was extremely nice, even though it was about 90 degrees with 100% humidity.  Luckily, we had seats in the shade.  Furthermore, getting in and out of the stadium was about as easy as putting mustard on a hot dog–you exit the freeway, turn right and you’re in the parking lot, where someone guides you in.  Now I admit we left in the 9th inning because our kid was being 2, it was hot and the Mets were crushing the home team.  But leaving took about the same time as entering.  Turn around, exit the stadium, turn onto the freeway and you’re heading home.  No traffic in the parking lot or the freeway.  I’ve been to many ballparks, and I’ve never had an in-and-out experience like that one.  I know it’s the kind of thing that is important the older you get, but I thought it had to be mentioned.

Finally, and this is the best part.  I went to fetch my kid some Gatorade, and I missed Luis Castillo’s RBI single in the 6th.  But when I got back to my seat, my wife says, “You’d be so proud of your son.”  Turns out that while everyone in the park was booing Castillo’s hit (or more accurately, booing Jeff Suppan), our 2 year old looks at the field, looks at his mom, and starts clapping.  That’s my boy!