Mets Renaissance Playing in the Bronx

Did any of us think this would be possible some six weeks back? We’ve won eight straight, 12 of 13, and we just shut out our favorite team to hate in the Bronx!

What a game! What performances! Gamesmanship, strategy, decision-making, fundamentals…concepts we only could have wished for last year at this time. Mets fans make no mistake: your 2010 Mets are cut from a very different cloth. We seem to be doing almost everything well, especially with men on base. And isn’t it beautiful to see all of the guys yukking it up in the dugout and giving plenty of encouragement to one another all of the time!

In the end, as everybody knows, you have to have quality pitching to go far and have a shot at the playoffs. For the last three weeks or so, the pitching has been just short of phenomenal. I think tonight’s blank(ing) of the Skanks was our ninth of the year. You cannot get much better than that almost one month before the All-Star break!

At one point, after I had stopped marveling at how spectacular Reyes has been, I saw the stat flashed that the Mets have a record of 129-32 when he scores. That’s absolutely nuts! 129-32. Incredible. Catalyst? How ‘bout, “Winner”?

It was interesting to hear about talk of the return of Maine. Yeah, Maine. Right now I think few pitchers are further from our minds than he. Furthermore, not as if he’s doing anything extraordinary in Buffalo. I say, let him throw another four or five outings there before there’s any talk of him returning.

As for Jman and the rest of the coaching staff, I don’t know. So many of us—yours truly included—wanted him fired not too long ago, and now he looks as if he’s about ten times more clever than all of us put together. I don’t know about the rest of you, but did you ever think Warthen would get these results from the hurlers? And what about HoJo. Guess I’m going to think a little more seriously before calling for heads when we hit a rough patch. Not that criticisms weren’t warranted. They were. The great thing is that with a little roster tinkering, and some very determined reassessments we are now witnessing a renaissance of Mets glory.

It is some kind of thrill again to watch the Mets play ball!