Mets Frontrunners For Mariners Lee?

So I was doing my mornings due diligence and reading the various storylines across the blogosphere about our Metsies and came across an interesting tidbit via MLB from Ben Nicholson-Smith. Ben had linked to a story by Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times.

Baker asserts that the Mets are frontrunners along with Minnesota to acquire Cliff Lee in a package for Jennry Mejia and Angel Pagan.

I hope this rumor is just that, a rumor.


Sacrificing Angel Pagan in addition to Mejia for Lee isin’t my idea of a prudent deal. In my opinion, any deal that subtracts Angel Pagan from the Mets should be thought of both long and hard by Omar Minaya.

Pagan isin’t a replaceable part on this team. His consistancy, hustle and clubhouse demeanor would be tough to swallow for the Mets and Met Nation… He’s an integral piece at this point in time.

If the Mets were to substitute Kirk Nieuwenweis for Pagan I’d think about the deal more seriously…

Sometimes, chasing an elite starter hurts. Any acquistion regarding elite to near elite pitching always will. If Geoff Baker’s report on Marinerblog is correct, I’d like to see the Mets investigate other arms like Oswalt, Carmona, and Lilly before surrendering something as expensive as Mejia AND Pagan.

Mejia, I understand, will probably be in demand, and may be needed to bring Lee to Flushing. 

Pagan, and his excellent play since last seasons’ injury to Carlos Beltran, would be just too expensive when packaged with Mejia in a deal for an elite pitcher this team will only control for the remainder of this season. (of course Omar and Jeff could sign him long term which would mitigate the cost)

What are your thoughts Met Nation?