The Mets Are Making My HMO’s Day

I’m going to keep this brief. The Mets definitely have a way of tugging at it’s loyal fan’s heartstrings. So far 2010 should be titled the “Big Tease”. The team first teased us with a snail’s paced, dreadful start. Talk’s of axing everyone from Jerry Manuel to probably a CitiField usher started to pop up in the blogosphere. Then out of nowhere, as it always is with them, the Mets went on a rabid tear.  Now once again, we have the limp bizkit boys.  Serenity NOW!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved it all. It’s given me a plethora of topics to hit on, including this. So while I’m not trying to bite the hand that feeds me- wait I do this for free – as a fan of the Mets, I really would enjoy it if they would quit with the bi-polar ball playing and either win…or lose. Seriously, I can’t stand writing one day how wonderful these guys are and then a week later have to analyze stupidity.

So to the Mets, as a fan trying to keep himself from filling out his Abilify prescription, please get some therapy guys. Win or lose and keep it up. For me. Really. 

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