Penny For Your Thoughts On The $36 Million Dollar Man

Alright, folks. What is really going on here? Not one of you can convince me that Oliver Perez doesn’t need to be sat down or worse as of right now. I challenge you to try, but it’s an uphill battle just like practically every time he comes to the mound. Any Met fan that’s been watching has been mainly optimistic since he came over from the Bucs. He drove over here on the “potential” train and we, in classic tune, rode with him, hoping for the best, but come on already… This is beyond embarrassing and I truly don’t believe the Mets can wait for another start to hope that he finally gets it.

One out of every 4 starts is not going to help from the back end of the rotation or anywhere for that matter. It was a bad deal. 3 years for 36 million for a guy who may have some very real “head” issues is a huge gamble and after Friday night’s performance of 7 runs, 4 HRs and 9 hits in 3 innings pretty much sealed the deal. I’m sure Sanchez pitched well, but when you have the kind of challenges with hitting that we have had lately, giving up runs like this is especially glaring. When other players are grumbling about your start before it happens, that’s clearly not a good sign.

It could change tomorrow, but it appears up to now Jerry has opted to give some time to his pitchers as well as to some of the lineup changes that most of us are not thrilled, most notably Reyes in the 3 spot and Wright in the 5 spot. I think they should both be moved up 2 spots immediately. Jerry is going to have to make some tough decisions before this team slips too far away from the top of the division.

Who is better suited in Ollie’s spot? There has to be someone else. Anyone else. He threw 88 pitches in about three innings. Everybody knows what happened, he shut down and quit. Just a couple of starts ago, he actually looked competent and that’s what is most frustrating about Perez. We think he can do it but he takes one step forward, two steps back. The Mets surely don’t want to eat 20 million dollars and let him drift but something significant has to be done. You got a legit reason why Ollie should not be severed from this major league roster? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

This team is trying to contend and not doing a bad job at it, excluding a few recent hiccups against the Nats and the Marlins. He has got to go. It’s not just Ollie, mind you. The bullpen and the lineup could stand to make some “adjustments” but one place where consistency is needed has lacked it from #1 to 5. O.P. just stands out like a sore thumb because he is more off than on for much longer than the others. And it’s practically impossible to ignore that laborious albatross of a contract. If he gets released, he has the best chance of not finding work in the majors. I’m sure somebody out there probably thinks he can help their team. Kansas City? Texas? Anybody? Hello???? So who has the best shot at taking over and being effective? The name Dillon Gee has been discussed as someone who has earned an opportunity to pitch in this spot. Hisanori Takahashi (someone I advocated in the past but I’m anxiously waiting to see what happens with), Tobi Stoner, R.A. Dickey, and Pat Misch are also options.

Are you an advocate for Ollie in the bullpen? Why? Is he better off in the minors or on the disabled list to avoid him declining a minor league assignment and floating away to another club while we keep paying him? Who do you think is legitimately the best guy to take his place based on his makeup, pitch repertoire, and overall ability and upside? Is “that guy” even on this team? The Mets are still contenders in my opinion but champions of past have taught us well that making adjustments between and in-games are true signs of a champion. Now it’s up to the Amazins to do what’s best and not what’s convenient or easy. LGM!