Big Pelf, Big Win?

For the first time this month, a Mets starting pitcher finally earned a victory.  (Only took them 17 days.)  Last night’s win was a big one for the Mets.  (Seems like we’re always saying that.)  Mike Pelfrey went a solid 7 and 2/3 innings, giving up only two runs.  And though the Mets offense didn’t do too much, in the end, they managed to outscore the fourth place Braves.

At this point, that’s what the Mets are fighting for — fourth place.  Although, we all know that the game of baseball is an interesting one when it comes to the standings.  We watched this team go from worst to first and back to worst in a matter of what, three weeks?  And it is still so early in the season that anything could happen.  But really, fourth place?  Does this team not know they are about to face the Yankees and Phillies?  (Thank goodness both of those series are at home.)

Fans are calling for changes left and right.  They want to see some heads roll.  But as some of my co-bloggers pointed out yesterday, now is not the time to fire Omar Minaya.  He may as well ride out the season with the rest of us.  Now, however, may be the time to say “Adios!” to Senor Manuel. Losing games is one thing.  But when it’s clear that the manager has no idea what’s going on out there or how to handle situations, that’s a whole other ballgame! (cute, right?)

Does anyone really think that Jerry can (or will) change anything?  He’s been here long enough and has worked with several different Mets teams (in terms of talent and personality) to try and get the job done.  He has failed.  And honestly, nothing against Carlos Beltran, but does anyone really think that his return – whenever that might be – is going to make the difference for this team?

Games like last night’s are just enough to keep the Mets hanging on.  But given enough rope, they will eventually hang themselves.  I’m not a pessimistic fan.  Really, I’m not.  I’m just an honest one.