Ain’t No Pleasin’ A Mets Fan

You gotta love New York fans.  When their team is stinking it up and can’t even hit their way out of a paper bag, they’re giving up.  Yet, when their same team turns it all around and goes worst to first in a matter of days, they’re “jumping the gun” for being excited.

Let’s face it, Mets fans … there’s just no pleasing us.  It’s how we were raised – both as New Yorkers and as New York baseball fans.  When things are bad, we want them to be good.  When things are good we want them to be better.  And when things are better, we want the best.

Listen, I was the first one to jump on the very popular, “Same old Mets” and “This team sucks!” bandwagons after a dismal first week of the season.  And I am also the first to say that this team has amazed me and impressed me over the last seven games.  Hey, I call it as I see it.  When they deserve credit, that’s what they get.  And when they need a kick in the ass, boy if I could, I would.

Here’s what I’ve noticed.  The 2010 Mets, though not right off the bat (no pun intended), are confident.  No team is perfect.  But even when they bloop and blunder, they know how to rectify the situation like professionals.  Something they haven’t done.  They are hungry.  And I think they too have had enough of losing.

They seem to be catching more breaks than in recent years also; being in the right place at the right time.  They’re making all the plays and everyone is doing their job, so there’s no one to blame for their shortcomings, which unfortunately every team has.  They’re working together, as a team, instead of as 25 individuals.   The more they win, the more confident they become and the more they want to win.  True signs of maturity and focus.

The starting pitching maybe hasn’t been brilliant so far with their high pitch counts, but it’s been solid.  The bullpen has also been reliable.  I think a big reason for that is having Rod Barajas on this team. Not only has he contributed offensively, but he has definitely handled this pitching staff the way a catcher should.  The offense has come alive and the Mets are taking chances – in the field, at the plate and on the bases.  The hitters have had their share of striking out (especially, David Wright), but for the most part, they have been more patient this year. They strike early and they keep tacking on.  When was the last time we saw that???  We don’t need to believe in comebacks because we seem to have the lead more often than not.  (So much for their slogan this year, huh?)

I also think that there is no longer any off-field drama lurking beneath the surface of this organization.  It’s finally all about baseball, and only baseball.

Now, I’m not saying this team will or won’t go all the way.  It’s too early for anyone to predict that.  However, regardless of the final outcome, I think this year’s team will give us something to look forward to and be proud of come October.

So for now, while this team can’t seem to lose (not that we want them to), just enjoy the ride!!!