The Manuel Watch: Mark May 2nd On Your Calendars

The seconds are ticking away for Jerry Manuel. The "Manuel Watch" has begun.

While Jerry Manuel ponders things like the Mets 2-5 start, John Maine’s spot in the rotation, and how they can eke out a win against the Rockies and Cardinals, the time has come for us to ponder life without Jerry Manuel.

The fast start that he himself admitted he needed all through the Spring, has eluded him and he must now face the real possibility that barring a complete turnaround, his days as the manager of the Mets are now numbered.

The Mets cannot afford to stand idle and on the sidelines while the team flounders and all their worst fears are realized. Nobody, not even the Wilpons, could have expected that these feelings of doom and gloom would come so soon. Only seven games in and the cries for change and upheaval have overtaken the cheers of a new season that was supposed to wash away the agony of the last three.

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Mark that day on your calendars. It’s the day I believe we’ll see Jerry Manuel’s last post game press conference as manager of the New York Mets.

I believe that the Mets will give Jerry Manuel the entire month of April to dig himself out of the deepening hole the Mets now find themselves in. (Not out of sympathy, but to avoid any public relations bombshells.)

The Mets conveniently play the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park for a three game series beginning on April 30th and ending on Sunday, May 2nd. The last two games will be nationally broadcast on FOX and ESPN.

If things stay as they are now, the starting pitchers will be John Maine, Jon Niese and Mike Pelfrey. (Assuming that Maine just misses one start and gets slotted back in the two spot behind Johan Santana.)

At this rate, the bullpen will be completely burned out by then. We’ve already started to see some cracks after seven straight games of three or more innings pitched. In the last two games the bullpen had to be used for four inning and six inning stints. Tragic…

Additionally, Carlos Beltran will still be missing in action and not be back to provide some of that much needed pop in the lineup.

Jason Bay has just one RBI, first base is still a mess, the centerfield platoon has been abysmal, and the bench is 0 for forever.

In short, all the things that could possibly go wrong are going wrong. All the questions regarding the makeup of this team are all quickly converging in what could be a devastating head-on collision.

We have the makings of a Perfect Storm.

Good bye, Jerry.

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