One Game Under .500, Not Too Bad

Through the first 17 games of the season the New York Mets are 8-9. No, this is not the fast start that us fans had wanted to see the team get off to, but it not too bad considering the losses of the first 4 series. Also, we are yet to see the offense come alive with Wright and Bay not producing at their normal rate. The pitching staff is not as bad as many had thought it to be so far, and Pelfrey seems locked in and focused so far.

Ironically, through the first 17 games of the season we are the same record (8-9) in 2010 as we were in 2009.

Standings 17 games into 2009:

Standings 17 games into 2010:

Of course 2009 was nothing to be excited about, but before the injury bug hit our team Mets fans were very optimistic about the season. With the same record fans this year have already seemed to have given up on the team, as evidenced by the attendance at Citi. Fans need to realize Major League Baseball is a marathon and not a sprint, as early results do not win championships.

Is this team the best the Mets have put on the field in recent years? No.

Are there still questions about the pitching staff? Yes.

As many questions that can be asked about this team, there still are many positives to be excited about such as Ike Davis looking like he belongs, Pelfrey possibly answering the call of a #2 and Reyes being Reyes again.

Let’s not jump the ship so early because ¬†this team is capable of being contenders. Last year at this time we had high hopes of the World Series with the very same record, lets keep some sort of optimism because as a met fan ‘Ya gotta believe…