It’s All The Little Things That Make These Mets Legit

Brian Costa of the Star-Ledger just posted an update to his blog about the Mets being on the field for some early batting practice at Citizen’s Bank Park. Nothing big really, every team on any given day will have a few players go out and take in some early swings before the mandatory reporting time. But I couldn’t help noticing something that Costs added at the end of his post,

It’s not unusual for the Mets to take early BP before the first game of a road series, especially if they were off the day before. But I’ve never seen so many players out this early before a game. They’ll still take regular batting practice around 90 minutes before first pitch.

Sometimes, all it takes is just one guy to reinvigorate a clubhouse and get them motivated and excited and focused on the big picture which is winning baseball games.

The change in the clubhouse started when Jeff Francoeur arrived, and it’s taken longer than I expected for everyone to start coming around, but ultimately they have and that’s what is most important.

The arrival of Ike Davis was the finishing touch on what is now a rejuvenated clubhouse that once again believes in themselves and are determined to elevate their level of play.

I know that there are still many of who continue to rein in your optimism. But believe me when I tell you that this bullpen is as good as, if not better, than the one we had in 2006 when we came sooooo close to the World Series. The depth which was sorely lacking last season is suddenly very good and probably the best in the NL East. Imagine when Murphy and Beltran do return and the bench all of a sudden becomes the best in the league? Pelfrey’s improvement is not a fluke, it’s just a year late, but it’s for real. The world did not fall apart with Jason Bay and Jeff Francoeur manning the corner outfield spots as some speculated. Citi Field is no longer the albatross so many believed it to be. The Mets can win in Citi Field and DO have a homefield advantage. Everyone who wondered if Jose Reyes would be the same upon his return, have seen the evidence with their own eyes.¬†Reyes is back.

These things I just ran off are just a few of the reasons that lead me to believe these Mets are not a fluke. These Mets are completely legit.

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