Can Mets Pelfrey Solidify New Status?

After 2 weeks and 12 games the Mets saw everything we saw and have been saying since the spring. The team made alterations to their lineup and ballclub. By calling up Ike Davis, designating Mike Jacobs, and adding youth to the Mets clubhouse, a looser, more cohesive team appears to have immediately been the by product of the move, as evidenced by last night’s victory and post game antics. (How was the shaving cream pie Ike?)

Another important test occurs tonight however…Mike Pelfrey, who has been the Mets best starting pitcher so far (and some could argue their best reliever to this point as well) starts tonight for a team looking to establish some momentum.

Mike Pelfrey can definitively entrench himself as an elite-type starter by continuing with his new found poise and new found pitching acumen.

If ‘Big Pelf’ can build on his new found confidence and continue to mix his pitches as he has in all his appearances this year, then the Mets can begin to climb above the putrid start the team has exhibited thus far, and along with young Ike, bring hope to a fan base crying out for anything positive to point to.

Earlier, in the spring, I wrote an article questioning whether Pelfrey could ever develop into the pitcher the team, and we fans, envision he could become. I even questioned whether he could ever be successful in NYC with the Amazins’.  I profess mea culpa to you, young Mr. Pelfrey. While Pelfrey’s physical attributes have always been compelling, it was his lack of poise and mental toughness that seemed to inhibit his growth and development. Pelfrey has settled down and shown that mentally, he’s finally matured. His long walks around the mound and tongue chewing have given way to a pitcher who’s finally keyed in to the most important element of being an MLB pitcher…Being mentally tough. You can have physical tools, but without mental maturity, Mike would have never elevated himself above the .500 pitcher his raw talent provided.

All the writers and broadcasters and fans that follow our beloved Mets have been clamoring for years for the Mets to acquire or develop a true number 2 starter…If Mike Pelfrey can keep this up, we will have found one, his name is Johan Santana… Right now, Mike Pelfrey is pitching like a number one starter. Let’s hope it continues.

If momentum is today/tomorrow’s starting pitcher, then the opportunity to establish momentum exists today, on the arm of Michael Pelfrey.  


The starting pitching this last time through the rotation was fabulous… John Maine’s Sunday night start wasn’t great, but he kept the team in the game.

Fernando Tatis status needs review. Tatis, who gave us a great season two years ago, has regressed hitting wise to the point of being totally ineffective. His ability to play multiple positions probably insures he will continue to be with the team.

Hat tip to our Japanese connection, Ryota Igarashi and Hisanori Takahashi both have been a Godsend for a bullpen that quite frankly needed different looks and quality arms and makeup.

Jose Reyes day off was badly needed. Jose has been lacking the explosive first step on the bases and his swing appeared rusty…