Ode To The New York Mets – We’re Behind You Win Or Lose

This has been the winter of discontent for Mets fans.  We have been extremely vocal and opinionated in criticizing our team and management.  We expect a lot, and rightfully so.  But now that roster moves have been completed, I’ve noticed many more Mets Merized fans excited about the upcoming season.  We are more confident that our core guys are healthy or will be healthy.  And there seems to be renewed hope for our starting pitchers.  Maybe the 2010 Mets do have a shot.  Is it our hearts or our heads that makes hope spring eternal?

Twenty three years it’s been since the Mets have won it all.

Some years they’ve come so close when they’ve played such good baseball.

In ’88 it looked good until, Scioscia knocked one o’er the wall.

And in 2000 they were on their way until the #7 train did stall.

In 2006 the Cardinals called, could Willie have been smarter?

It looked like Endy saved the game until Molina hit one farther.

It all came down to Beltran,  just one hit would win the game.

But just as “Mighty Casey” struck, Beltran did the same.

So many years of losing I can’t count them on two hands.

In the 60’s “Marvelous Marv” had his head down in the sand.

And after Hodges died, and we hired Yogi Berra.

All good things must come to end and in ’75 realized our error.

The decade of the ’90s was to be the great unveiling.

With Generation K, Bonilla, Coleman, there could only be clear sailing.

But soon our hopes were dashed and the fans were soon a bailing.

Shea became a morgue to hold the heartbreak of our failing.

And in most recent years, we’ve seen so many come and go.

Art Howe, Lastings, Willie, we hardly got to know.

Our fall from grace in ’07 and ’08 was truly a disaster

And in ’09 our fall towards last could not have come much faster.

But lo, remember ’69, when Cleon kneeled to catch.

That final out for sure there would never be a match.

And then behold in ’86, the end was hard to watch.

When a miracle from the heavens let a simple grounder botch.

And now we’re at the crossroads as a brand new decade starts.

Come spring we’re optimistic, if but only in our hearts.

Surely our bats will hit them far and pitchers be a blazing.

Cause there’s no doubt our beloved Mets will surely be amazing.

We pray to the gods that Omar will make all the right moves.

With no division winner, he’ll surely be excused.

We want to win so badly, but do not be confused.

Cause regardless of the outcome, we’re behind you win or lose.

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