It’s Just More Smoke And Mirrors

Just once in the past six months would I like to sit down and write something positive, uplifting, and glorious about the Mets. However, this organization will not let that happen. Between their informal “mini-camp,” to the newsreels of Jose’ Reyes running full tilt at some fitness center on Long Island, they should be handing out barf bags to all their fans.

What do they take the faithful out to be gullible mindless saps? Any fan worth his salt should view all these staged workouts as merely propaganda. Certainly Joseph Goebbels would be proud (if he’s not already working in the Mets PR department.

What organization besides the floundering Mets release this kind of garbage and in the process insult the intelligence of their fan base? Do they think the people who buy tickets are going to rush the box office because we have witnessed Reyes running full tilt in a controlled environment?

Please, pass the Pepto and Xanax.

Wake me and the ground hog up when the team reports shortly to the real spring training in Florida. And then nudge me again (because I will fall asleep during the long camp) on opening day in April. The proof will be in the results on a baseball diamond when the record is 0-0.

I don’t need Dan Warthen smiling for the cameras telling me Oliver Perez is in great shape and throwing just fine, thank you very little. Off a mound in a bullpen miles from a major league batter, or a game that counts.

What the organization should do is explain to the fans why it splurged on a nice cocktail dress but didn’t have enough money left over for shoes. Maybe they thought spending $66 million dollars on Jason Bay while the pitching staff (and catching) is in shambles was prudent. Maybe they thought the affair was on the beach and shoes were not required.

Wouldn’t it made more sense to spread that large expenditure around to several capable pitchers who could devour some innings? As it stands now, I predict the Mets bullpen will tear apart at the seams before Memorial Day from abuse.

Wouldn’t it have made sense to sign a frontline catcher (Benji Molina for two years) two starting pitchers (Jon Garland and Joel Pineiro, et al) for one and two years, respectively, (because they are better than the oft-injured Jon Maine and wacky Perez) and a stop gap left-fielder (Jermaine Dye or even Johnny Damon would have injected some life into this listless team); eat the contract of fan (un)favorite Luis Castillo and import Orlando Hudson as an igniter and top of the order insurance policy?

All the aforementioned moves (and many not included) were feasible on a $66 mill budget-and then some. Did the Mets organization really feel that they were one big ticket item from the promised land? Because from this vantage point it looks like by overpaying Bay, a good player, they have neglected the leaking engine, rusting hull, and myriad structural problems of this vessel.

Dry-dock here we come!

Instead we hear that Dr. David Altchek, the team (Witch-I mean Which?) doctor, has cleared Kelvim Escobar to pitch. Great news, after the Marionette Omar Minaya has already signed him. But, those pictures of Johan Santana throwing and proclaiming he feels great in January have buoyed the fans’ spirits (folks, if Santana does not win 20 plus games the ship be sinking into the NL East abyss).

Stay tuned for upcoming video of Carlos Beltran (no doubt with shill Kevin Burkhardt wielding the mike)working out in the rehab pool. Can’t wait.