Is This The Player Mets Fans Have Been Waiting For?

In a season where major and significant moves are few and a regular season here before you know it, I am inclined to be more “open” to any potential move that will help. If the offseason just started, I probably wouldn’t consider it as priority but now, well you know, it’s wise to consider any help. The rotation is always tantamount to a successful season so Mets fans, I give you….drum roll please……Yuniesky Maya.

Now stoic supporters may rather have John Smoltz (stability, experience). Your words, not mines! Or even dare I say, Pedro? (Your suggestions, not mine. Don’t lie. I heard some of them.) I know that 2010 is a defining season where jobs and roles are all on the block so why risk what is a tenuous situation on a pitcher from Cuba with no real major league experience if you count the World Baseball Classic. The answer: IMO The Mets have nothing to lose!

They’ve already taken chances throughout the off-season. Ollie “I feel great. Like my beard?” Perez’s resurgence because of his time at the “Institute” (never gets old!), Igarashi as a possible lefty out of the pen with “I’m really tired” Pedro Feliciano, Mike “Mr Yips” Pelfrey, Gary “I got your back, Carlos” Matthews, Jr., and so many other minor league invites that may or may not even pan out.

Believers like me always hope for the best so why not take another risk. The Mets love bringing in foreign players who have not played in the States much if at all. If Bobby V was the coach, he would be in full agreement, I’m sure. Maya fits that mold and is a risk worth taking. In a lot of ways, I like him better than Sheets and Pineiro.

Maya, pitching internationally, has all but dominated the competition from 2003 to 2009.

In the 2003 season, he gave up one run in 10 innings and went 2-0. In 2004-2005, he was 5-2 with 7 saves and a 1.61 ERA, leading the league. In the 2005 World Baseball Cup, Maya struck out 11 in 7 1/3 IP and getting a save, allowed 3 runs (1 ER). 

In 2009 Maya was 13-4 with a save and a 2.22 ERA, fanning 119 while allowing only 113 hits in 146 innings pitched.

Last spring in the WBC, he had one start and two relief appearances, allowing one earned run in seven innings, while walking two batters and striking out four.

I can live with all those numbers. Can you?

Maya has a curveball, two-seamer, slider, and changeup, along with a fastball peaking at 92 mph. He has had as much success as almost all of our current pitchers behind Johan,  if that means anything. He’s young and in his prime, has a formidable arsenal, and recently worked out with the Mets this month. SIGN HIM!

There really isn’t any reason not to. LGM!