Mets Need To Pass On Delgado

This past week Carlos Delgado played baseball for the first time in months in Puerto Rico.  The Mets as we know are down on that beautful Island right now scouting him, deciding whether or not to offer him a contract for the 2010 season.  Reports coming out of Puerto Rico is Delgado doesn’t move well.  It seems that hip is still a problem and that is exactly why the Mets need to avoid bringing Carlos Delgado back. Delgado so far has only played 5 innings in the field and the rest of the time he was the DH for his team.

I understand that when healthy Carlos Delgado brings a lot of power to a lineup.  We were told that Delgado’s hip injury was similar to Alex Rodriguez’s injury but A-Rod returned in less than 2 months, Delgado had the surgery, supposedly suffered a setback and never returned to play again.  If the Mets are going to spend the money on a veteran 1st basemen to platoon with Daniel Murphy there are others out there instead.

If the Mets do sign Delgado and he gets hurt that’s it, there is no backup plan, Daniel Murphy is the everyday first baseman.  Now this is not an attack on Murphy, he was put in 2 positions that he never played before and was expected to deliver the goods. Having said that Murphy does not have any real power at the plate.  The Mets with the addition of Jason Bay need one more power bat in the lineup.

Signing Delgado would also be going backwards.  The team has stated on more than one occasion that they want to get younger and faster.  Delgado is only getting older and if the reports are true slower.  I think at this point in his career Delgado is better suited for the American League when he can be the designated hitter.  I would rather go out and sign a younger guy like Adam LaRoche, he can hit and field a bit and brings some power.