Omar A Drunken Sailor??? Not This Year…

Well Met fans, “Omar the Patient” continues to wait the marketplace out. But in reality as we all scream about our lack of moves to date, we should realize that Omar is actually being intelligent about this right now. He’s holding firm on being financially responsible as it pertains to Bay and Molina.

Does that mean we can’t be angry about some of his foolish signings of the past like Luis Castillo or Oliver Perez? No. Anger over resigning Alex Cora for 2 million because of his “makeup/intangibles? No. It just means that maybe Omar Minaya has incorporated “learnings” from his previous mistakes.

There are times when aggression works. Omar should be taken to task for misreading the pitching market for sure. John Lackey was the one free agent I would have overspent for.  You can throw money at someone, but if they just don’t want to be here…what can you do? How far would the Mets have had to go to bring him on board?  The Mets probably would have had to go to 6 years and 105 million.  Is Lackey worth that? No way. Is any player? Very few are. However that signing would have energized the fan base and invigorated the clubhouse, and, by bringing in such a talent Omar and the Mets would have shown everyone they were serious about reloading for another run. 40% of our starts by Santana and Lackey. I’d have been all in for that. Aggression or spending like a drunken sailor would have worked there…

With Jason Bay it doesn’t. Bay is a very good player. He’s very good. He’s just not great. Bay fills a need for power. He’d hit homers at Citi. He’d play better defensively than many think. Sometimes defense is about effort and I think Bay will give a 110% effort if signed. He’s just that type of player. Omar realizes that the Mets don’t have to overpay for Bay. Why give another year guaranteed while Bay and Joe Urbon, his agent, also misread the marketplace? Just to get him into the fold?  Patience is a virtue on occasions such as these. Bay has no other offers. Tell him he has till Christmas Eve, or the Mets will rescind all offers…Sometimes, when you have the hammer, you have to use it… If he doesn’t want the money, some other free agent bat will. I see DeRosa still there. I think there can be deals involving Carlos Lee at the deadline. Don’t crack now Omar.

As for Benji Molina, I would be most impressed and would be more confident as a Met fan in Omar if he simply told Benji and his agent “you have 48 hours to accept this 2 year 11 million dollar contract.” If not tell him you’ll be moving on to Barajas who I’d rather have for 2 years.  Similar power numbers in less at bats and better defensively are the reasons for my preference. Halladay pitched to the guy in Toronto, so don’t tell me he can’t call a game as well as Benji. Omar should realize that the 2 million in savings would help when filling out the roster with back end bullpen help or bench help… This tactic would also prove to me he’s learned from his mistakes with Castillo and Perez. Why can’t Omar see what we all see with Benji? Because he thinks of Molina as the same guy he scouted 10 years ago. (Hey Omar: He’s NOT!) He gets fixated with certain players and can’t let go of the image he had from 10 years ago.

Spending like a drunken sailor works when you identify a need, and definitively address it. (Ask Brian Cashman) Even overpay for it.  But not when the marketplace is flooded with comparable talents at cheaper prices. When you’ve actually identified a player, evaluated how the player projects in your park, and assigned a valuation on the player, and stick to your guns when the marketplace dictates it, you actually are not only exhibiting patience, you’re being prudent. How many people would assign that virtue to Omar Minaya today?

I see the shelves at the “Player-Mart” emptying just as everyone does. I see The Yankees acquiring a starter who just had a great year and finished in the Top 5 in the NL Cy Young voting and would love to see my team do the same.  

In the information age with tweeting and the internet and sports available 24/7 we all seem to know everything instantaneously, we want everything to happen RIGHT NOW! Sometimes exhibiting the virtues of patience and prudence pays off. With our beloved Metsies, it’s all we can hope for right now.

Perhaps this week we’ll finally see a flurry of activity. Maybe I’m the drunken sailor if I believe that.

As for Mr. Omar Minaya. He’s no drunken sailor. Not this winter. But if he gives into Molina and Bay and their agents I will be convinced he needs 30 days at Betty Ford…