My Biggest Fear

Mets fans were not pleased with the opponents in this year’s World Series.  So much has been written on who we should be rooting for.  Between the Phillies and the Yankees, which is the lesser of two evils.

I started out rooting for the Phillies.  But after their game one win, I started worrying about a four game sweep and how badly that would sit with Mets fans.  Having to deal with the Phillies repeating as champions would not be easy.  The Phillies would be a cocky bunch when they arrive at CitiField next year.  And their fans would surely be extra obnoxious.

My allegiances in game two swayed  towards the Yankees.  I can’t say I’ve never rooted for the Yankees before. They were the only New York team in town when I first became interested in baseball.  Mickey Mantle was a god.  You couldn’t root against him.

I figured the longer this series lasts, the better.  It delays the inevitable of one of these teams winning.  So the Yankees winning game two was a positive.  But it was no fun watching them win three games in a row. I was relieved when the Phillies came through in game five, sending the Series back to New York for a game six.

As I watched game six, I was anxious.  Now it’s over, and the Yankees are celebrating on the field amidst all their fans.  Friday will be the parade down the Canyon of Heroes.  I can deal with that.  The Yankees haven’t won in a long time, eight years to be exact.

What I’m really afraid of is another Yankee dynasty.  Once this train gets rolling, there’ll be no stopping it.  The Yankees have stars at almost every position.  They have such a strong nucleus in all aspects of the game; starting pitching, relief pitching, and at the bat.  Plus they have lots of money coming off the payroll (about $37M by my estimation.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Matt Holliday a Yankee next year.  That sure would fill the void of letting Damon and Matsui walk.)

It’s always sad when a baseball season ends.  It is a sign that winter is here.  Four long months of no baseball until spring training begins.  This winter is not going to be easy for Mets fans.  Maybe, we’ll feel better after a winter of roster shuffling and hope will again spring eternal.