Mets Exercise Option On Pelfrey And Some Thoughts

There was a flurry of minor moves yesterday regarding the Mets, as the free agent filing period continues to move forward.

Former Mets who have officially filed now include Brian Schneider, Carlos Delgado, Alex Cora and Ramon Martinez.

I believe that out of that group, at least one of them stands a good chance of returning next season. Delgado and Schneider will both be playing for new teams next season. Schneider has his sights set on a return to the Nationals, while Delgado is resigned to being a 1B/DH for a contending team in the American League. According to Adam Rubin, a Mets official confided in him that the Mets will be in the market for a right handed first baseman to platoon with Daniel Murphy in 2010.

I wonder if that’s really a good idea? It seems to me they are basically saying that they want a Fernando Tatis type. Didn’t we already try that and agree that it didn’t provide enough offense from the first base position where the Mets ranked last in homeruns, RBI’s, runs scored, and slugging percentage.

The Mets were very pleased with Alex Cora last season and see him as a positive influence in the clubhouse. Many have considered Cora to be a future manager, and the Mets see those same qualities in him and wouldn’t mind having him stick around as a player/coach.

I don’t have a problem if the Mets were to bring Cora back. The Mets need all the good baseball people they can get and if nothing else, Cora fits that bill. Offensively, Cora is no great shakes, but he held his own as a utility infielder and stepped up for the team when Jose Reyes went down.

Yesterday, the Mets exercised the option on starter Mike Pelfrey. The Mets picked up their $500,000 option on Big Pelf who was actually operating on the terms of the deal he signed when the Mets originally drafted him. Here are those details:

Pelfrey was signed to a 4-year deal with an option for $6.6 million dollar contract and received a $3.55 million dollar bonus. At the time, it was the second largest contract ever given to a drafted starting pitcher. It guaranteed him almost $2 million dollars a year and was one of the reasons the Mets rushed him to the majors.

The good news for the Mets is that Pelfrey will be getting a significant pay cut after earning $2.9 million dollars in 2009. Plus he remains under the Mets control for another four years. If he wants to get back to that $2 million dollar figure in 2011, he’ll have to pitch his ass off in 2010.

In 2009, Pelfrey was a big disappointment and finished the season with a 10-12 record and 5.03 ERA in 31 starts. After a season like that, there is no place to go but up in 2010. One thing that was a little concerning last season was how easily Pelfrey became rattled on the mound, especially with a runner on base. He was constantly talking to himself, pacing the mound, shaking off his catcher or poorly communicating with them, and he would completely unravel if the umpire squeezed him which they regularly did. Some of my friends thought he was showing a lot of fire (whatever that is), but I thought it was more of a lack of confidence and self control, and those are things you would expect from a rookie and not someone who is entering his fourth major league season.

A thought to ponder…

Which will happen first, the Mets 3rd World Series title or the Yankees 28th?

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