How Much I’ve Been Thinking About the Mets

I guess writing for this awesome site has been good for something this off season–it’s forced me to think about the Mets at least once a week.  Because honestly, I haven’t been thinking about them much since their season ended a month ago.  In fact, since I’m being honest, I didn’t watch many games after the wheels came off following the all-star break (and I know many of you are with me on that!).  And being that I currently live in Tennessee, I can avoid talk and media about the Mets altogether if I want to.

Yeah, I know, that’s not exactly being a die hard fan, but as I wrote in a recent blog entry, as you get older, more important things (especially our kids) start to vie for our time, and watching a crappy baseball team that was supposed to be a contender is one thing I can personally do without.

So as I’ve been watching more football (the Giants and Jets are stunningly mediocre right now), and watching a World Series between two teams I can’t stand, my mind has wandered back to the Mets and how important this off season to them and to us as fans.  Watching the Phillies and Yankees with their patient hitters, power bats, (mostly) smart base runners, and pitchers who know the importance of getting ahead in the count, I hope that Omar Minaya is taking notes on how to improve his club.  He’ll likely tell us again at some point that injuries marred the season, but he’d better know that’s only part of the equation and changes need to happen this winter.

I mean, by the time my 2 year old boy is old enough to understand, I want him to be rooting for a better team than the one we just witnessed in 2009.