Revamping The Mets Hierarchy

As we have done in the last two off seasons, we will once again be featuring comments and in some cases full blog posts from some our readers. Our regular readers are some of the most passionate, articulate and witty Mets fans you will ever find. Their comments alone are worthwhile reads when visiting Mets Merized Online. We have had some great debates in our comments section this past season, and we are looking forward to even more spirited debates as we embark on one of my favorite times of the year, the Hot Stove season.

The 2009 season was another record breaking achievement for this site as we surpassed 15 million hits between April and September. Wow! Thanks to all of our amazing writers and most especially you, our wonderful readers, who keep this site flowing with your ideas, opinions and interaction. We love you guys!

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Tommy2cat says: 

If Wally Backman gets the AA managerial post, I’ll send him a case of Smirnoff and a box of freshly pressed button-down shirts from the Tony Bernazard collection.

Frankly, I think we should just invite the entire 1986 roster to assume all organizational posts:

GM – Ron Darling
Manager – Backman
Bench Coach – Darryl
First Base Coach: Carter
Third Base Coach: Ray Knight
Hitting Instructor – Mex
Baserunning Instructor – Mookie
Pitching Coach – Bobby Ojeda
Director of Player Rehab: Doc
Director of Player Investments: Lenny

And one more thing: Firing Sandy Alomar and Luis Alicea, while retaining Razor Shines, Dan Warthen and HoJo is like rearranging chairs on the Titanic.

Nice going Tommy… You had me at Ron… But you lost me at Lenny!

Seriously though, I really think we could go places with that prodigious lineup. Where exactly, I’m not sure… But definitely a better place than where we ended up in 2009.

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