Could It Be The End Of An Era on SNY?

Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News is reporting that there is some speculation going around that the SNY announce trio may not be back in full next season.

Raissman, who always does a stellar job covering the network, reveals that there are some rumblings going around that Keith Hernandez may not be back in the booth next season. This speculation is fueled by comments made by the former All-Star first baseman following Sunday’s game win against the Houston Astros.

Following the game as Gary Cohen was addressing Mets fans one last time before the off-season, Hernandez stated that:

“I’ve enjoyed the four years and, hopefully, I’m in the middle of negotiating my new contract, hopefully I’ll be back. If not, it’s been a great four years.”

To me that sounds more like a final farewell then just a simple goodbye for a few months.

The news, according to Raissman, also seemed to take his broadcast colleagues by surprise, especially Ron Darling, who was dumbfounded that Keith would publicly discuss his contract situation on-air.

When approached by Raissman, SNY executives stated that they it is corporate policy “not to comment on contract status or negotiations”. It seems to indicate to me that the door is being left open for the possibility that Hernandez will not be back in 2010.

He did, however uncover that Darling has multiple years remaining on his contract and that Gary Cohen “ain’t going nowhere”.

The often quirky, Hernandez is no stranger to notable on-air moments. In 2006, he drew the ire of then-San Diego Padres manager, Bruce Bochy, for stating that women do not belong in the dugout. It was later revealed that the woman he was referring to was actually one of the team’s trainers.

Still though he comprises one third of arguably one of the best MLB broadcast teams in the game today. He brings a great sense of humor, but at the same time outstanding knowledge of the game, which cannot be said for many announcers in the game today.

This is certainly something to watch over the next few months or so. It would be hard to imagine SNY not making a great effort to retain Hernandez, who is quiet the most popular broadcaster not only in the booth, but on the network as a whole.

Raissman theorizes that the negotiations over the contract maybe over the number of games called for next season, but acknowledges that in the end it all comes down to money.

The network couldn’t have been too thrilled that Keith took his grievances to the airwaves Sunday afternoon. In the end though, I doubt that will have an effect on whether or not the beloved, Keith Hernandez, will be back.

‘ve enjoyed the four years and, hopefully, I’m in the middle of negotiating my new contract, hopefully, I’ll be back (next season)