We Were Bamboozled!

Going into the 2009 season hopes were high for the Mets.  Most people believed that once the Mets signed Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez that all the problems from last year were solved.  Last year the bullpen killed us in our race to the playoff’s but that was not the only reason why missed out of the playoff’s.  The offense was not getting it done towards the end of last season, remember in the last 3 game series the Mets only scored 5 runs the entire weekend.

Omar, Jerry and the Mets tried to sell us on how good Daniel Murphy was going to be for this team but that was a bust!  We have been over this time and again on this blog and it’s moot point in talking about that anymore.  The Mets bamboozled us yet again this season with all the injuries.

Omar and the Mets promised us that Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran would be back no later than the All-Star game.  Carlos Delgado who had supposedly suffered the same hip injury that Alex Rodriguez suffered would be back no later than August 15th.  A-Rod was back with the Yankees in a months time.  Delgado before supposedly suffering an oblique injury was not on target anyway for his August 15th return.

The reason why Omar insisted that the Mets were not going to sign a free agent or make any trades was that these guys were coming back.  It’s September 1st and none of these guys are back.  The Mets do not know what is really going on it seems with Jose Reyes’ hamstring injury.  On Friday it was said he may require surgery.  Everyday that Reyes does not get surgery puts his start 2010 behind. Beltran tomorrow is supposed to play in a rehab game for Brooklyn but we will see.

The Mets lied about the return of the injuries, it’s plainly obvious now.  I believe this was done not only to pacify the fans calling for trades or signings but something much more valuable to the Wilpons: money.  The Mets “organization” lied about the returns so that fans would continue to buy tickets to Ebbets Citi Field.  The Mets knew that fans would not buy tickets at those outrageous prices to see the triple A team.  The Wilpons don’t care about the fans, obviously don’t care about the history of the franchise, it’s all about the money for them.  They lied to us, kept our hopes up for the almighty dollar.  It was not faith in their medical staff, it was to fill their pockets.