Parnell Is Another Product Of The Mets’ Big Hype Machine

I’ve seen enough. If Omar Minaya wants to keep saying that Bobby Parnell is untouchable, even in a deal for Roy Halladay, go ahead and let him. First of all I hate that word, and secondly no other team throws that word around more than the Mets.

You want to know who some real untouchables are?

Take a look at Phillies rookie J.A. Happ (3rd round) or Randy Wells (38th round) of the Cubs or Tommy Hanson (22nd round) of the Braves…

Bobby Parnell? He’s not even in the same galaxy as those guys.

The Mets may like to think they have themselves a Joba sized dilemma in determining whether Parnell is best suited for the rotation or the bullpen, the fact of the matter is that Parnell’s place should be at Class-AA Binghamton… where he can learn how to pitch.

Just because someone can throw a 98 mph heater, it doesn’t make them a pitcher.

Parnell was charged with eight runs on nine hits in 4.2 innings yesterday and continues to look dazed and confused out there.

In his last three starts, he has surrendered 22 runs in 12.2 innings. That’s not just bad, that’s <insert profanity>,  <insert profanity>, <insert profanity> awful!

I’d like to know how this pitcher, who was barely tolerable as a reliever, got promoted to the rotation in the first place. What brainiac came up with that one, the burger flipper at Shake Shack?

In five games since entering the rotation Parnell is now the proud owner of an abysmal 8.88 ERA. His ERA as a Major Leaguer now  stands at 5.78, which makes Livan Hernandez look like Cy Young give or take a few hundred Big Macs.

Parnell’s ERA in the minors wasn’t even worthy of a promotion to begin with…

In 28 minor league starts between AAA and AA in 2008, he had a 4.62 ERA.

In AAA New Orleans his ERA was 6.64, and yet the Mets considered such numbers worthy of a promotion? Really?

You can continue to call Bobby Parnell untouchable if you want to, but as for me, I’m calling it as I see it…

Bobby Parnell is your typical marginal pitcher that was the product of the big Mets hype machine.

If Parnell is ia part of the 2010 rotation, it really won’t matter if the Mets are 100% healthy. Parnell, along with Oliver Perez, will ensure that the Mets finish below .500 again. And you can put that one in the books…

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