One of the Players Involved In The Wagner Deal Revealed

The Boston Herald is reporting that the Mets will receive 1B/OF Chris Carter in the deal that sent Billy Wagner to Boston.

Carter, 26, is a career minor leaguer who has had quite a bit of success at the Class AAA level. In every season prior to this year Carter has hit well over .300 at the Class AAA level.

So far this year, Carter has compiled a .279 average with 14 home runs and 59 RBIs with the Pawtucket Red Sox.

From what I can gather, Carter is not all that great of a defender. RotoWorld echoes this evaluation in their analysis of the trade in which they state:

He wouldn’t bring a very strong glove, but could at least provide a warm body in the Mets outfield and first base situation.

I don’t anticipate Carter to do much for the Mets. I’m sure that in September, after the rosters expand, he will see his share of at-bats. However, he projects, at most, to be a bench player at the Major League level.

My guess is that the acquisition of Carter was made to help provide a power bat in the Buffalo Bisons lineup to try to make the team competitive again after the horrendous season they’ve had this year.

Apparently, the other player that the Mets will receive is of little to no significance.

It’s a shame that the Mets didn’t get at least one B-level prospect out of this deal because had they have waited until the off-season they may have been able to collect two pretty high draft picks. However, I understand the financial reasoning behind shedding Wagner’s salary for this season as well as his buy-out for next year.