Mets Will Look Different On Friday

Howie Rose broke the news during today’s Met-Diamondbacks game that come this Friday the Mets will have a new look. For this weekend’s series against the San Francisco Giants the Mets will be wearing throwback uniforms. According to Rose, these uniforms will resemble uniforms worn in the late 1800’s early 1900’s. They will be cream colored, featuring the letter “N” on one breast, and the the letter “Y” on the other, there will be no interlocking NY. The uniform will of course have the trademark blue and orange highlights, but in a really cool twist the uniforms will feature a Mr. Met patch. Hey, you can never go wrong with Mr. Met.

This new look serves two purposes. Firstly the Mets want to pay tribute to their National League heritage, and what better team to do it with than the Giants. Secondly these one of a kind uniforms will then be auctioned off for charity. A nice move by the Mets.

The Dodgers and Giants were long gone by the time I was born, but could you imagine how cool it must’ve been to have two National League teams, and the Yankees playing here? It had to be wild. On the sad side, those Giants and Dodgers fans must have been crushed when both teams left for California.

The Mets have never shied away from their Giants and Dodgers roots, and the shouldn’t. The Giants and Dodgers meant a lot to New York. Having said that, the Mets have been here for well over 40 years. They have their own history and identity now. Its something the Mets should celebrate and embrace. In this vain Howie mentioned that Mets ownership has heard the fans and when the Mets return home Friday, the fans will see more photographs of their favorite Mets. The championship banners are also being returned to the outfield walls. That’s great. The Mets should never forget there roots with the Dodgers and Giants, but the Mets should also embrace their own history. The Mets mean a lot to a lot of people, its about time ownership has recognized that fact.