Mets Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes To You

I’ll be honest. I thought we could do it with Beltran and Wright. I thought we could do it with Wright. I thought we could do it with Francoeur and Wright. I really thought for the longest time that the Mets would make some miracle run and be champions a la 1969. But, with Wright being drilled in the head, what little chance we had at a playoff run now has been diminished.

The Mets continue to amaze me, not by their winning-ness, but by their lack there of and how quickly they went from “Ya Gotta Believe” to “Ya Gotta Be Kidding Me” (and that’s the family-friendly version, folks). I knew it was bad when SportsCenter made a Not Top 10 based on our team alone but I didn’t think it could get worse. Apparantly, the Baseball Gods think differently.

I’m not surprised when the Mets fathom up some new way to lose. Casey Stengel would be rolling in his grave if he could see these Mets! Not covering first base, dropping routine pop ups, the Mets have done it all. Maybe they would throw in a win or two to change things up a bit, but nothing major. The Nationals may be in last place, but even they went on a 8-game winning streak. The Mets longest run ended at 4.

It’s the middle of August and I officially have no more expections for the Mets. I was hoping we could flirt with .500 but even that seems like too much. I just want everybody to come back healthy and ready to play next year. For now, Mets Nation turns its lonely eyes on the well-being of our third baseman. We can’t mess this one up guys.

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