Here Is My Obligatory Matt Murton Post

The Colorado Rockies have designated outfielder Matt Murton for assignment to clear a roster spot for reliever Juan Rincon. <yawn>

I was going to post something about him two nights ago, but then I decided to pass. I was going to post something about him yesterday morning, and again I decided to take a pass. There’s something about Murton that absolutely bores me to death. I was going to keep that to myself, but after reading a dozen posts advocating Murton as the Mets new right fielder… or left fielder… or whatever… I had no choice but to respond.

Just when I thought I was out… they drag me back in. [Say it with a raspy voice, and clench your fists and bring them to your chest as you say it.]

On the surface, Murton looks like a decent player who I wouldn’t mind seeing the Mets roll the dice on. However, there usually is an underlying factor when a young player and former first round draft pick such as Murton, finds himself on the verge of joining his fifth organization of his career, and fourth in the last 12 months.

I also wonder why a player who hit .297 with an .809 OPS in 455 at-bats for the Cubs in 2006, ended up back in the minors the following season and later traded to the A’s. He couldn’t crack the A’s outfield of LF – Jack Cust, CF – Carlos Gonzalez, RF – Ryan Sweeney.

And yet, some have called for Murton to replace Jeff Francoeur because he might be overpaid at $4 million, even though Brian Schneider get almost $5 million. Suddenly, Omar Minaya looks like a genius… gulp…

Matt Murton moons Jeff Francoeur haters!

You can’t make this stuff up…

I guess that because Francoeur has proven all the doubters wrong about his offensive upside, they now need a new tact. Afterall, how can you put down a .881 OPS in 164 at-bats! Nevertheless, the new argument is to start drawing comparisons to salary versus production. My advice to them is, why not start with Brian Schneider, Carlos Delgado, Fernando Tatis, Oliver Perez, Tim Redding and a host of others? Francoeur has out produced everybody on the Mets offensively since his arrival and it’s not even close. But let me stop here, as I’ve gotten a little sidetracked…

At 28 years old, some major leaguers are already entering their free agent years, but Matt Murton still toils in the minors. Still, I see enough potential in his stats that makes me open to him as a fourth or fifth outfielder to pair with Angel Pagan next season.

I have no interest in him as our 2010 starting leftfielder or rightfielder unless he can force a decision with some strong play off the bench first. Not that I would, but I’d give Pagan the leftfield job before handing it over to someone who couldn’t crack the A’s or the Rockies outfield rotation.

The Mets need to get some warm stiffs on this roster any which way they can. Claiming Murton off waivers should go without saying and would be a smart move on the Mets part. But, lets be real for one moment… when was the last time the Mets made a smart move?

It’s been a while…

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