Don’t Rush Beltran And Reyes Back!

When everyone went down on the disabled list we were all waiting on the edge of our seats until after the All-Star break because that’s when Omar and the Mets promised Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes would return and turn the season around.  Today is August 4, 2009 and Beltran and Reyes are not back.

As of this writing the Mets are currently 8 games back in the Wild Card, with 8 teams ahead of them.  In the National League East the Mets are 10 games behind the Phillies.  The chances of making the playoffs are very slim.  It is time the Mets stop thinking about making the playoff’s in 2009 and start planning for the 2010 season.  This is not me being an alarmist, this is me being realistic.  There is no point in hurting these guys and risking their 2010 season and perhaps their careers for them to play a few games to sell some more tickets at Citi Field for 2009.

Jose Reyes cannot run the bases yet.  The reason he has this tear in his hamstring is because the Mets rushed his recovery when he injured his calf.  This is a type of injury that does not heal on its own.  As soon I heard of the injury I knew Reyes was down for the season and will at some point to the chagrin of the Mets require surgery.  Reyes should just be shut down now, go get his surgery so he can be ready to go in 2010.

As devastating as Delgado’s and Reyes’ injury was to this team I believe that the worst injury to this team was Carlos Beltran.  Since Beltran was placed on the disabled list on June 22, 2009 the Mets record is currently 19-22.  Carlos Beltran it seems throughout his Mets tenure has always been overlooked by fans and the media.  To me he was always one of the most important players.  A true 5 tool athlete.  For the past 3 season’s he has won a Gold Glove for his excellent defense at Center Field.  The injury he suffered was a bone bruise.  He received a cortisone shot back in May, rested for a few days and then came back and played.  There have been some rumblings that Beltran was dissatisfied in the way the Mets handled the injury and even some more rumblings that he was pushed by management to play during the injury resulting in the bone bruise getting bigger.  Beltran not having much faith in the Mets anymore had a second opinion that concurred with the original diagnosis that said all Beltran needed was rest.

It’s now been almost 2 months and Beltran isn’t back.  Like Reyes he has not run the bases yet, just taken batting practice and some fielding practice.  If Beltran does come back, aggravates that bone bruise further it’s highly possible that he would need to have micro-fracture surgery and could miss much, if not all, of the 2010 season.  The success rate from what I understand is not encouraging for micro-fracture surgery and that could spell the end of a promising career for Beltran.  I admire his guts and his commitment to this team but where we are in the standings I do not think it’s worth risking his 2010 season or in the worst case scenario the rest of his career.  The Mets need to tell him this.  Without Beltran we will have no chance of making the playoffs next year.  It’s important not to just think of now but the future.  It’s important for this team to do something right and keep Beltran out of the 2009 season.