Will Pedro Spell Heartbreak For Mets Fans?

They held the wrap party for “Nightmare on Roosevelt Avenue,” yesterday afternoon, and a good time was had by all. The Mets scored a month’s worth of runs to commemorate the ending of a nightmarish first half of baseball. Broken bodies, coupled with botched pop-ups equaled shattered hopes.

Hopefully, now Jason, Freddy Kruger, and all of their twisted pals, can pack up their chain saws, hatchet’s, and other assorted bludgeoning apparatus, and return the bodies of Carlos Delgado, Jose’ Reyes, and Carlos Beltran, among others, to their rightful owners, wanting Mets’ fans.

Preferably before the dog days of August signal the official beginning of the end.

Moreover, maybe all that could go wrong, (which caused diehards to wake up in the middle of the night in a pool of cold sweat), was flushed out of the first half’s system, and starting over after the All-Star break, brings a fresh batch of luck along with healed joints and muscle tears (and eased burdens).

Otherwise the ship is headed right for Washington DC, the dregs of the Eastern Division.

One thing is certain: Trading Ryan Church has already improved the chemistry precipitously. To say he never fully assimilated to New York, and was endeared by his teammates, would be as grand an understatement as surmising that Dave Kingman loved female reporters. Adding Jeff “Frenchy” Francoeur to the mix has already spiced up the boullibase’.

Six and a half games does not represent an insurmountable amount of real estate to hike over. There is nothing more exciting than multiple teams jockeying for position as the leaves turn brown. The Mets have to do their part to hang with the pack, or relegated to arduous raking duties. The Phillies are the frontrunner, and look to add pitching very soon.

In fact, Pedro Martinez might be signed by the time you peruse this thread. Seems like $53 million dollars for a small basket of wins (the red ones you grab at the market for fillers) does not stretch as far in a crippled economy. Talk about an ingrate, this Petey. The Mets nursed him through a boatload of injuries and then he looks to stick it to the organization that paid him handsomely.

I hope he does take the mound against the Mets soon, and then the rude greetings can commence. At this point in his career, even Jason and Freddy can hit him, and the weapon of choice is maple, and they’ve been dead for many years.