Too Late For The Mets To Sell High

About a month ago I broached the unpopular vision that if the Mets fell out of contention by the all-star break they should become sellers. Stop putting patches on the holes, but fill them permanently.

According to another Mets site I was being “drawn and quartered,” by fellow bloggers.

Anybody remember? Anyone want to get onboard with my radical, ahead of the curve thinking?

Too late, no other major league team would want the Mets rancid groceries now.

On Wall Street its called “Selling High,” but the front office has missed the boat. I can’t really blame them. Who in their right mind would consider trading Carlos Beltran with the first half he was having?

It was just food for thought, that’s what a blog site is about, but the venom that was spewed, Tusk tusk.

Moreover, Omar Minaya would have been the one shredded to ribbons, not me. However, in hindsight (20/20) having a trio of healthy bodies, such as Clay Bucholtz and Jacoby Ellsbury, and another, might have helped save the season.

Right now there is nothing to sell and nothing to buy. The Mets fans are asked to support a team of backups and David Wright (you are right Joe, he looks, and is worn out-who wouldn’t be).

How long before Johan Santana flips his wig? And, what if Oliver Perez walks 6 in 4 innings tonight? Basically, how low can this franchise go. All the way to the doorstep of Washington DC, that’s how far.

This team is unwatchable right now.