Mets Move Church, But Is This What Fans Were Praying For?

Quick and to the point:

I don’t understand the trade. We didn’t gain anything better than what we gave away. The Braves may have needed a center fielder, which Church can be, but the Mets certainly didn’t need a right fielder, which Church was.

As Gary Cohen put it,

“A one-on-one deal, an outfielder for an outfielder, in the same division …”

If you ask me, both organizations got rid of guys their managers didn’t like. This deal wasn’t necessarily about either team benefitting or gaining anything on the field. Francoeur may be younger than Church, but other than that, I see no big “wow” factor here.

Fans will certainly miss Ryan Church, but I’m sure they would have been willing to give him up if the deal made sense. To me, this was an even swap.

Best of luck to Ryan Church in Atlanta … welcome to New York Jeff Francoeur.