How Five Games Change Almost Everything

Six games ago, the Mets basically seemed dead. We dropped series to the Braves and the Nationals among others and it just seemed like any hope we had on the season was quickly leaving our grasps like how sand leaves fingers. Well the Mets had a response with a five game winning streak with very few starters left on the roster. Suddenly, before last night, the Mets went from 7 games below .500 to 2 games below .500 (and now 3 games) which seems like a much more manageable situation. And of course keeps hopes alive for the playoffs, which is always nice. This was very needed at a time where the Mets are banged up in injuries and banged up in the standings (and in trades where the Phillies got a crucial piece in Cliff Lee).

I am not one of those fans that needs to make the playoffs in order to have fun. Generally as long as the Mets are playing my spirits are good. But between the injuries and the losing things were getting really depressing, and it was a type of depression I haven’t associated with the Mets possibly ever (maybe its due to how the real world outside of baseball is pretty depressing right now and compounding factors of both are a lot to handle). However these five games have not only represented hope but also showed that the Mets, no matter who the field are a fun team to watch.

Switching gears slightly, on the SNY broadcast last night, the guys simply described why the Mets are the team to root for. They talked about how Stengel really established not only a mood for the first years of the Mets, but really established the mood for the franchise which is “fun”. The Mets are more fun to root for than the Yankees. The Mets are more fun to root for than any team, which is something good to remember during this season of hurdles for the Amazin’s.

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