Feeling Down? Go To The Cyclones!

Here’s an understatement: It has been a rough season for Mets fans.

We all need some activities to boost optimism in a time like this and one of the best solutions is minor league baseball. On one side, its great because you are down about the economy, its a lot cheaper than major league baseball. On the other side, if you are depressed about the New York Mets its great because you get to see the future play some ball….and by the way, the Cyclones are also in first place right now. Brooklyn has one of the best minor league venues that I have ever been to (and I have been to a variety of minor league parks since its one of my favorite aspects of baseball and one that I have done a good deal of research in). From the location of the stadium to the gimmicks in between innings, the Cyclones represent a top notch minor league baseball experience.

Anyway the Cyclones have a few great promotions coming up that are worth checking out. The first is August 3rd against the Renegades where Strawberry will be in attendance and if you are one of the first 2500 fans you will get a Strawberry Bobblehead (or a Strawbobble as they call it) with Straw in a Brooklyn Cyclones jersey.  If that is not your style then attend the game a few nights before that against the Staten Island Yankees where they will be giving out Green Irish Shirts.

The event that the Cyclones are most excited about takes place on August 16th where Lasorda returns to Brooklyn to be inducted into the Brooklyn Dodgers Hall of Fame (in a pre-game ceremony). Fans can try to get to the game early to get a Screen Photo ball of Tommy and his life.

If you just want to go see baseball, check out some of the stats of Cyclones this year:
Fuller 1.75 ERA, 36 IP
Cohoon 2.48 ERA, 40 IP
Bouchard .408 BA
Servido 6 HR
Rivera .311 BA, 19 RBI

Minor League Baseball is where hope and optimism thrive. If you are feeling down (for any reason), go to a minor league game!

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