Who’s Da Man? Johan’s Da Man!

I’ll make it short and sweet.

First of all, no matter what anyone says, Johan did not show up Jerry Manuel. He is the ace –  a veteran – and a little rebuttal against your manager is okay once in a while. He has earned it. As long as it’s conducted professionally and repectfully, which it certainly was.

Secondly, it was Santana’s game to win or lose. (How many times have we heard that?) I think if he says he has enough stuff to continue, let him. He’s not an immature rookie trying to prove himself. He wouldn’t jeopardize the lead for his own fame turned misfortune. The team should be renamed “The Johans” and everybody should take a lesson from him.  If only…

Lastly, I hate to admit it, and I know I’m going to hear it for this, but part of me actually wanted to see the bullpen blow it, just to prove my previous point. (Ok, not really.) Then Sanatana would have had reason to be mad, and next time, no one would question his actions. (And I’d be blogging about something else right now.)