The Circle of Life

I have been a Mets fan for well over thirty years. I will always be a Mets fan. However, sometimes you got to say what you got to say, face facts, speak the truth. Lets face it this 2009 Met team is an embarrassment. A complete and utter joke of ball club, and its been that way for over two years. This organization from top to bottom needs a complete overhaul. The era of zero accountability has got to end.

In two games, in two big series this week we’ve seen two on field critical errors. Someone needs to explain to me why Carlos Beltran felt the need to jump for the ball the other night. Tonight we see Luis Castillo unable to hold on to fly ball, and allowing the Yankees to steal a win. Now I just don’t want to single out Beltran and Castillo, but look at some of the nonsense we’ve been treated to so far this year: players not fully running out ground balls or pop flys, players either too stupid, or too lazy to move the bat from in front of home plate so guys trying to score can slide, many, many fielding errors, a pitcher who gets the frigging “yips” and balks the whole ball park in San Francisco. You can’t make this up man!!

You also need to start wondering about the field manager. Why, please someone tell me why, would he have F-Mart with his .222 batting average starting tonight? Is Reed on the same list as Church? I also question Jerry’s use of the bullpen, like using the guy just called up from AAA to give up a three run homer.

In the course of two plus years the Mets have returned to 1962 form, they have become the joke, the laughing stock of the National League. Choking in 2007 & 2008. Playing this embarrassing type of single A baseball so far this year. A joke, an embarrassment, a shame. The kick is the Mets organization has no one, no one to blame for this mess but themselves.

Having vented I will be listening to them on WFAN tomorrow (I refuse to watch FOX coverage), and rooting for a win. Tonight stings, big time.