Super-prospect, Bryce Harper Skips High School

16-year old super-prospect Bryce Harper, who was referred to in Sports Illustrated as “The Kobe Bryant of Baseball,” will skip the final two years at Las Vegas High School to enroll in Community College this year. Doing so would enable Mr. Harper to enter the draft in June 2010, making him the likely number 1 overall pick.

Harper is 6’3″ 205 lbs. (and still growing), and hit a 503-foot HR at Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay. He is being “advised” by Scott Boras. Harper can play 3B and C.

This is the first notable case of a top quality prospect skipping high school to enter the draft earlier. Ironically 16-year olds are signable by big league clubs outside the U.S; the Mets got F-Mart and Wilmer Flores as 16-year-olds; but an American player must finish high school to be eligible for the draft.

The biggest repercussion from this is that other super-prospects, especially those being “advised” by Scott Boras, may choose to follow this path.

My unofficial analysis: I’m not worried about Bryce Harper, as he’s too good for the competition around him and he’ll make millions anyway, I am concerned, however, for future-hyped busts. To extend the basketball analogy; for every Kobe Bryant, there’s a Kwame Brown.

Oh, BTW, the Nationals are in line for the number 1 pick again next year, as they are “leading” the Diamondbacks by 8.5 games.

What do you think? I loved my High School days, but then again, I wasn’t a hyped baseball prospect.

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