Should The Mets Become Sellers By The Trade Deadline?

If the Mets lose 4-5 to the Pirates and Nationals, what happens in the coming weeks when they face the Phillies, Yankees, and Rays? They will need high-powered binoculars to locate Philadelphia, that’s what.

With Mike Pelfrey and John Maine graciously serving up batting practice to the opposition, the mantra is becoming: Santana and Livan and pray for a hurricane. Seriously, by the time schools let out, the Mets could drop out of contention faster than a released cinder block into the murky East River.

Here’s a theory: The Mets become sellers by the trade deadline. Before any baseball columnist raises the question, you heard it hear first. Perish the thought or proactive thinking? I say the latter.

You can’t blame the injuries on the downfall of this team. There were holes (and we have cited them galore) on this team and maybe the organization has to take a step back and do some rebuilding. And, not on the fly.

Furthermore, who is the one player that can garner a King’s ransom in return, besides Oliver Perez? Excluding Santana, of course, David Wright, and an injured Jose Reyes, who would not be put on the market in mid-season, and Frankie Rodriguez.

Yes, the answer is, Carlos Beltran.

Before anyone asassinates the messenger, here me out.

First of all, if Beltran was so embarrassed by the Mets play against Pittsburgh (while he was infirmed), why did he loaf on the base paths and get nailed at third last night? You lead by example, and for an all-star caliber player, he sure is careless on the bases.

Nevertheless, he has been a near flawless player this year and parting would cause sweet sorrow. Unless an enticing bounty was returned.

The Red Sox would salivate at the thought of adding his potent bat and lethal glove to a lineup that has lost Big Papi to an unknown optometrist. Moreover, Theo Epstein would get a chance to stick it to the Yankees for signing Mark Teixeira.

Think about a lineup with Beltran, Pedroia, Youk, Drew, Lowell, and Jason Bay. If Papi does get straightened out, then beware the Evil Empire.

From the Mets perspective it would help restock the team with some sorely needed youth. You only make the trade if you get back Jacoby Ellsbury (.311 & 22 steals), who has the speed to roam Citi Field with aplomb, Clay Buchholz (4-0, 1.74 ERA at Triple A), and SS Jeff Reed-.288 (Lugo would be healthy by the trade deadline) who can also spell Luis Castillo.

By the way, Buchholz has already done something no Mets pitcher ever has, that is toss a no-hitter (he did it as a rookie in 2007 against the Orioles). Getting out from under Beltran’s massive contract (all the signs point to his body breaking down before the contract expires) is incentive enough. Then the Mets re-invest the money in a power-hitting first baseman (that’s around $32 million off the books minus the two Carloses) or corner outfielder.

Food for thought in a season that is starting to turn rancid.