Poll Results: Mets Biggest Concern

Poll Question:What Concerns You Most About The Mets Right Now?


Despite the amazing turnout at the poll for this question (734 votes), the results are extremely too close for my taste. The majority of voters (247 34%) believe that the Mets’ biggest concern is starting pitching, and of course that would make sense especially with uncertainty over Maine and Perez .

An alarming 25% or 183 of MMO poll takers, believe that Jerry Manuel is a big problem. Next, at 22% (162) are concerns at corner outfield. Lastly, 19% (142) of voters were concerned with production at first base and while that’s the least of the four answers only 15% separates it from the top answer.

When you have this many concerns for one team, the future might not seem too bright. But I have a feeling that if the Mets can make adjustments in each area, there is still hope for a big turnaround. Of course, that doesn’t include Jerry Manuel. Manuel will have to learn from his mistakes as the season goes along and hopefully make changes that will help this team see the light. At 34-33 this season, its apparent that some changes and improvements are needed.

It looks like the Gangsta approach is starting to wear thin on a lot of fans…


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