Santana Was Feisty Last Night, And I Loved It!

Johan Santana was absolutely brilliant last night… no not on the mound, but at the plate. His RBI double in the sixth inning proved to be the difference maker as the Mets topped the Phillies 6-5. On the mound it was a totally  different story as Santana served up four homers, but on this damp Tuesday night in Citi Field before a packed house, the Mets bats had Santana’s back. Regarding his butcher-boy double, Santana had this to say,

“I don’t want to just bunt or foul it off and get myself out,” Santana said. “I was able to keep everything going and I really feel proud of it because I haven’t been able to do much, you know, hitting, but tonight I think it was the difference in the game.”

Despite allowing a season high five runs, Santana looked absolutely livid on the mound when Jerry Manuel popped out of the dugout to take him out. “I’m a man, I’m a man!” he shouted, but Jerry Manuel is a gangsta and he was giving Johan the hook.

“I just told him that, ‘I feel good,”‘ Santana said. “I’m (not) trying to show anybody up or anything. I just felt that I had enough stuff to battle through it. But he thought different. He’s my skipper and I respect everything that he does.”

I don’t blame Santana for not wanting to come out of the game… it was so intense and had all the feel of post season baseball!

Thankfully Johan had little to worry about as the bullpen did it’s job and Frankie Rodriguez stuffed any chance of a Phillies comeback with his devastating changeup! I have never felt as confident about a Mets closer as I am with K-Rod. When that bullpen door opens and he comes out, I have no worries. He is like magic out there and I can’t believe he’s all ours!

Last nights win, was easily the best game of the season so far (and biggest), and the Mets showed some true grit. I can’t wait for round two later tonight, but for now I will savor this sweet smell of victory.

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